I just realised I have the most to say whenever I am depressed. I channel my pain into words and they always make me feel better. There’s a certain power in them. Reading, writing, listening, it all helps reduce the pain.
Lately, I have been looking for my inner strength and that is why I started this blog. Just for me to use words to organise my thoughts and also because good notebooks are a bit expensive especially now that the school requirements are too many. Jeez, I can’t even shop! Doing a lot of looking at catalogues and saving up stuff to buy when this situation has changed.
I am getting the hang of this whole growing up thing and I am going to ace it! Maybe “ace” is the wrong word to use. I will pull through this πŸ™‚


There are different forms of adulthood; the one that comes legally by age, the one that comes when you finish school and the one that comes when your parents finally cut you off and you’ve got to handle your life yourself. For all of us, these come at different times, sometimes chosen by us and others forced on us (Of course the obvious exception here is the one that comes legally because everyone has to grow as the years fly by). Unfortunately its never easy to transition to adulthood and how you handle the transition is what determines how long you stay in it. There is never a set deadline for it. I am learning slowly how to be an adult and I have no idea how the ones before me handled their journeys but this is mine! I have got to ace it!