My Little Journey to Happiness :)

“You’re responsible for your happiness!” That is something we are only told when we are adults. Its something that is hard to learn most times but you have to drum it into your head to survive and co-exist with others.
I have been slowly learning this fact but it had not completely occured to me until recently. In the last 2 months, I have been emotionally distraught and I piled it all on someone else. As you can tell from this, they had enough of it and decided to cut the ties.
I then did what any normal person would do, wallow in self pity and let everything else go. That is not a good path to follow. I hated everything including nature. I never wanted to get out of bed and this annoyed the people I am living with who in turn took it to my mother, who as a result brought it back to me! Nasty chain of events, right? I cannot however explain to everyone how things have been in my head and it is not their job to sort any of it out! I cannot place the blame of what happened on anyone else because I am responsible for my happiness, my joy, and most of all my life and how it plays out. I have responsibilities to take care of and I let them go because I could not manage my emotions.
After that chain of events, I have woken up! Its time for me to get on my feet and do things myself. Time for me to find my happiness within. No one is going to find it for me and no one is going to help me stop being anxious about the future. It does not happen that way. When you let yourself go, even the closest person to you will let you go. They have themselves to worry about too.
Another lesson learnt the hard way. And thus my journey to finding my happiness continues. I will slowly get there. I will keep this lesson with me as long as I live. No one is responsible for your happiness πŸ™‚

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