I was talking to someone lately and they seemed to imply that I should be happy enough because I have no bills to pay and a roof over my head. They also compared me to loads of young people in London who have to suffer with all that and they must be miserable. I wanted to tell them they were wrong, but them being my mother, there is no way you can start that conversation without striking a wrong nerve.
Well I don’t deny that being in a position where you can save up to 75% of the money you make is not ideal but as I am slowly learning, money is not everything. Happiness is and there is no better example for this than my brother. He has hustled his way through life for the past few years including times when he had no money for food. But as he constantly says, he was happy. All that did not matter much because with happiness comes a joy that blinds you to all your problems. You get the “it will sort itself out” mentallity and somehow everything starts falling into place. There are loads of young people living like that and I am willing to be one of them, happy and poor. Will encourage me to make that money, right?
All this talk got me thinking; I am about to hit quarter a century on earth and I am still living like a child. I need me some adult living in my life, atleast before things like marriage and children start coming into my script. Work everyday, pay my bills, buy my food and lastly, not be accountable to anyone but myself. Conversations like “wait till you get your own tv, you will watch it and no one will stop you” should not be in phone calls with one’s mother anymore. I need to have a place where I can go and have peace and not be filled with noise from children or have to shout at them to keep it down. A place where I can wind down and not have a care in the world. Being alone with your thoughts is all one needs sometimes. I don’t care how small the place is, all I need is a place I can call MINE!
Back to the point, its time I moved out and understand the struggle everyone talks about on my own. Life has to be lived for you to have a story to tell! So for now, its a saving deal, every penny I get my hands on is going to my “get your own place” scheme. Its has always been my dream and no one will stop me from living it πŸ™‚ I am on a ROLL!

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