Plans & Goals

As we continue through life, we all make plans and have goals we want to achieve. The goals are the ultimate end we want and the plans are what leads us to achieving the end. We sit down and think over these plans and goals and we deliberately lay them down is whichever way we understand best. We even go ahead and set down different plans for the same goal just in case one fails, you have plan B, C, D, heck you can have a plan for every letter of the alphabet. BUT, one thing most of us manage to overlook is the fact that the goal might change. I know many of us, myself included, do not like thinking of our goals changing because it means A LOT of things and unfortunately, most are not good things. But what if you wake up one day and something big changes your goal, destroys all your plans and throws you back to the drawing board? Its a daunting thought, right? It is a large mixture of disappointment, loss of focus, and is capable of creating all kinds of self destructing thoughts you never knew existed within you. It is a scary place to be in but like all things, it gets better with time because you learn:
1. To make different goals so that you have something to focus on if one falls down the drain. Even if they are all connected, it is easier to edit than to start from scratch.
2. That goals and plans are the same in nature. Yes the plans are more dynamic than goals but they are all subject to change and all the forces that lead to that change cannot all be foreseen.
3. You always have to leave room for flexibility and change. The more focused they are on you, the less flexible they can get. When 90% is influenced by you, it is very difficult for a small 10% to change the goal completely.
I could go on but I am also still learning and this is what I have learnt so far. Back to my drawing board πŸ™‚

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