Everything changes, we all change but one question always disturbs us, how others will take the change.
Recently, I have been thinking of how much I hate change. I love having things the same way and I work hard to keep them that way but what happens if they refuse to stay the same? Do you cling to them forcing things to remain the same, or do you let them change the way they wants to? I have had a hard time working this out but I have finally come to a conclusion. You let them change. Why? You ask. Because once you cling to something that wants to change, the force might destroy you. Things that are looking for change become forceful if you cling to them. It starts out as a kitten then it grows into a wolf. The more you force it the more vicious it gets until it overpowers you and runs away.
I am ready to let things change whether I like it or not.
I also don’t think this post makes much sense but anyone with a good brain will be able to get head and foot of it all I’m sure πŸ™‚

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