Looking back is being uncommitted to the present and the future. I have realised that I am too stuck up in my past and I am awfully scared about my uncertain future. Busy trying to find answers that will make me calm down but deep down I know I will not find them. I need to stop digging and come back to the surface. After all sometimes gold is found on the river banks. The problems that come with anxiety are really massive! No sleep, over analysing and finally depression! As a result, I am slowly turning into a crazy bitch! I have also realised that by being so fixed up in the past I am kinda destroying my present and future by trying to fix everything including that which isn’t broken. I need to calm down and take everything one day at a time. Stop over analysing things because no one is certain about tomorrow. Baby steps is what I need! Baby steps is all it takes. Slowly working towards my final happiness. I am slowly working on it, slow does it, right?

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