I Dug A Hole

I dug a hole for myself. Tis a big one. I dug deep and now I am stuck inside it. There is no one in here with me. See I had companions I thought would continue all the way with me but they left after we dug a few feet together. My journey to the center was too deep for them to follow, they had their own to worry about. I said, “alright, maybe you will fall in with me when I get to the bottom.” That did not happen. I tried to crawl back to the surface to be with my companions. I failed to make it in time. They walked away.

Here I am, alone, stuck in my hole. This hole is mine, no one else’s. I dug it and I will get out of it whenever I please. I promise to take my time because time is what I need. I am not in a hurry. See I once tried to hurry and catch up with my companions but all that got me was bruised elbows and knees. I am now stuck in bandages and in pain because I rushed to catch up. I am never doing that again. Time will work with me. I am on a slow crawl back to the surface and I will be happy with both my hole and the victory of getting to the surface.

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