Another Year

Another year has gone by and what can I say… Most say time for a new me but that is not how I do it, a new me is born each day that passes and every day is different (I believe that if earth can do it, I surely can too.) Anyway this has been a specially long one that has taught me a lot of things that I will definitely use the rest of my life;

– Working for my money and being broke. After years of getting allowances and pocket money to top up even when I worked, I finally learned the true meaning of money doesn’t grow on trees. I have had days when I come from work and I cannot see straight! Also, being broke is not a myth (seeing negatives on your account is not an easy thing to stomach) On the other hand though, I also realised that being extremely broke is one of the most peaceful states of mind you can have *only if you have a roof over your head though*

– I learnt that it is okay not to be fine and mental health is very important. Once it is affected, everything else will be thrown off course. I spent a lot of time pretending to be happy when I could have come clean. Both to myself and those around me. I’m glad I was finally honest and now I can safely say I am happy even when I still haven’t achieved all that I have set out to achieve.

– Plans change and it is never too late to start over. I thought I was falling behind by starting over until I joined my class. Being one of the youngest made me realise that there is no formula or age for changing the direction you want your life to take. It is all up to you in the end. You create your destiny (if the concept really exists)

– YOU ALWAYS DO YOU! Usually, we are limited by what society thinks of us but after crying on the tube, dancing on the bus and laughing at all the funny stuff I see, I realised, no one actually cares what you do. Especially if it doesn’t affect them. Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it but, never forget yourself. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your actions, you will only have you to answer to. Of course all those that you were trying to please by being uptight will not be there to watch you hate what you did or didn’t do.

All in all, I am glad I am 25! I see where the years have gone and I can fully account for them. I love that I am growing older too and nothing can change my mind about it.

To more years of lifeπŸ’ƒ


20160206_222422We all start our years with resolutions and by February most of us have dropped them or to simply put it, we have gone back to our routines. The funny thing is, we remember them a few months down the road and we only get back to them if they directly affect our routine. I have done the whole resolution thing and it did not go pretty well. Of course, I did exactly what I say above. This year though, I decided to make one resolution; get out of the house more and maximise my experiences!

It is just the second month, it is still very cold. Having been raised in a tropical country, I really hate it! That shouldn’t be an excuse really, seeing as UK is cold most of the year. So scarves and jackets have been taken out, boots and thermals too. Am I going to fight the cold? Yes! I am out, guns blazing and all (I have grenades too 😝 I mean, I am writing this on a bus from Oxford, that should say something, right?)

The first experience was just a week into the year, watching The Hateful Eight on my birthday. Very cold evening but it is Quentin Tarantino, who misses such a man’s work? Who? Point me in their direction. The three hours were worth it, the cold not so much. I was glad I masturdated that night and I enjoyed every bit of it. (I’ve heard watching a movie alone isn’t everyone’s cuppa) I am all up for it though. I even switch my phone off if I really love the movie. So when my mum said it was a boring way for a young person to spend their birthday, I didn’t care, I was happy and that is all that mattered.

Fast forward to this month, things are getting bigger for me. I just went to a concert (the Game is a great entertainer by the way) I have a Surface Design Show to grace my presence with and a lot more I do not know of yet. I am very optimistic about it all.  They say you find happiness through experiences *if no one says, I say it then* and I am out to get more of those on my belt this year. It is all about me anyway, so why not?

PS: This Post is sh*t

Yes, the new year has come in (it’s still new, right? Number 2 is always at the beginning) and it has brought with it new hopes and fears, new targets and goals, new plans and flames too maybe (you can’t know yet πŸ˜‰) but one thing I am totally excited about is the fact that we get to have another beginning. It’s a big thing for me. This time my new year did not wait for the last one to end. I am very optimistic now, I keep singing Fantasia’s When I See You (where is she btw?) Getting a new crush gives a 100% excitement boost and I just got my one a few weeks ago *totally jumping like an excited puppy right now* I completely relate to her lyrics. Anyway, back to the basic point, I am pretty excited for the year and what it has for me. First month went well… Slowly waiting on the rest…