PS: This Post is sh*t

Yes, the new year has come in (it’s still new, right? Number 2 is always at the beginning) and it has brought with it new hopes and fears, new targets and goals, new plans and flames too maybe (you can’t know yet πŸ˜‰) but one thing I am totally excited about is the fact that we get to have another beginning. It’s a big thing for me. This time my new year did not wait for the last one to end. I am very optimistic now, I keep singing Fantasia’s When I See You (where is she btw?) Getting a new crush gives a 100% excitement boost and I just got my one a few weeks ago *totally jumping like an excited puppy right now* I completely relate to her lyrics. Anyway, back to the basic point, I am pretty excited for the year and what it has for me. First month went well… Slowly waiting on the rest…

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