Coming Home to Me!

For the last 7 months I have been on an all time low in creativity. In fact I’ve not been doing anything that requires a lot of mental input. It’s not because I’m lazy (although I can be sometimes), it’s because I have burnt out. My brain doesn’t want to be disturbed until it’s ready and I’m not forcing it. I’ve however been looking for new challenges for it. I took a job I’ve never done but I’m bored by it already. It isn’t challenging enough (I have issues, right? I know!) I just need something new. So anyway, sometime in April, when I decided to channel my creativity into another form other than that which I am used to, I came across photography. I don’t really know how the idea came up but all I know is I liked the process of looking out for interesting bits and taking pictures of them on my phone, playing with the different camera views and editing them after. I feel my creative mojo coming home to me, slowly, but it is coming to me, the joy too, and it’s amazing. My brain is preparing for amazing things πŸ˜ƒ The journey to rediscovering myself continues 😊


Three of my most recent ones. Usually take them when I’m waiting for the bus

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