“Momma, I’m making it!” (A hair story)

I am SO EXCITED! I can finally hold my hair with one band. Anyone with natural hair can tell you this is a milestone and how exciting it is. I am making it out of the TWA stage and to celebrate, I’m going to talk a little about my hair.

I cannot say I am one of the most dedicated people when it comes to my hair (my mum has seen this first hand) but I have tried to this time. I have stopped myself from getting irritated by the thick, nappy, frizzy mess it is and I am PROUD OF MYSELF! Natural hair is high maintenance and it’s the reason I was hooked on the creamy crack before. My hair was always someone else’s problem. I realised though at that time, when you let someone else take care of hair, they never have the sympathy you’d have for your scalp. Plaiting my hair was always something I dreaded because it hurt like hell, no one seemed to listen to my cries of pain, a lady once told me I was just being a baby. Although I loved the laziness (it’s fun), I had to take matters in my own hands. And while I really want to say I single handedly did it all on my own, I have to give credit where it’s due. I have tried so many products and I have zeroed down to a few staples, three actually that I will never let go of.

These babies, plus Marley braids, have been the best, through the co-washes, the detangling, the hard days, the moisture loss, protective styling, even the heat damage.

Got to end here, I have much more to learn, I’m not done with the growth yet. Next stage, hair falling on shoulders effortlessly (this one could take 2years but we keep on keeping on) 😊

To Natural hair love 🍾🍷

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