Last Holiday

No, I’m not dying πŸ˜€ I’m just fascinated by the movie. You know the one with Queen Latifah? Yeah, that one. I watch it every once in a while. Whenever I feel down and out, it’s one of my go to movies. Not that it has a great story or anything but it always reminds me that I have to learn to live without worries. There’s always bigger things out there, both good and bad so why should I worry about it all? I can’t tell the future but I can control the way I feel about it. Living in a box isn’t living at all! I tell myself this all the time, I follow it with one step (usually by quiting my job) then I give up on the thought. Probably it’s the joy of freedom that stops me dreaming. Maybe I need a life changing opportunity to follow through. No one should have to wait for a death call to live the life they want to though. I have to take my dreams further because there’s absolutely no reason for me to wait. I’ll start tomorrow πŸ˜‚ Someone needs to kick me up the butt.