I’m watching the BBC documentary and I am intrigued, by the years of black history eroded and how things still have to change. I’ve been in the UK for only 2 years but I can feel and see the difference with which we are treated, it is definitely not as crazy as it was let’s say 20yrs ago but it is still visible. I’ve seen myself become the stereotype “aggressive woman” all because I have had to stand up for myself and not take sh*t from anyone. I have become more self aware than I have ever been before.

I’m currently reading David Olusoga’s book, Black and British: A forgotten history too and I have to take breaks, not to internalise the story, but to calm down from the anger and tears that overcome me (and of course I don’t want to damage my book with tears.) I am not telling my story now, it’s still too short, I’m listening to those who were here before me. People who were told by their teachers not to dream too big because they were black. Told to work twice as hard because they would always have to compete twice as hard. Called out all the time because they dared to break the “norm” but they still made it. These people inspire me to keep going strong against the tide. Black and Proud!

To be continued one day…

One thought on “#BlackandBritish

  1. “not to internalise the story, but to calm down from the anger…” going through a similar experience with my current read; Detained by Ngugi. I have kept away from it because of the anger it stirs within. It’s set in the neo-colonial age and it’s just sad how quickly somte were made to start punishing their own

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