The Bags…

She woke up with a start! “What was wrong this time?” Looking up at her ceiling, she thought of the dream she’d just had. The vivid ones were always a sign. One that things were changing. Would this be a welcome change? Things had been going so well. It was about the time for the downward spiral. “Good things don’t really last, do they?” The negative thoughts had to end, but darkness never really leaves you alone. For some reason, it stays in the shadows lurking and waiting for you to show your Achilles heel. She closed her eyes. It was time to get some more rest, Mr. Johnson wasn’t going to understand the bloodshot eyes and yawns this time. A month with the same look wasn’t good for her either. Those bags were about to start getting check-in requests at the airport. How was she going to get herself a husband looking that bad? Her mum was sure she wouldn’t live long enough to see some grandchildren. Also, it had been long since she’d been on a date, 3 years to be exact. It didn’t bother her much but every month was a little reminder that her time was running out. She had to jump out of the comfort zone. “Stop worrying and sleep!” She needed a new voice for her mind. Hers had never been successful in talking her mind down from the cliff…

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