An Ode to a Little Girl I Once Knew

For only a year but it felt like I’d known you longer, always bubbly and ready to tell a story just like another little girl I once knew. You made friends quickly like she, lighting up faces of all those that were around you. Like her, entertainment was your thing too, always dancing and singing like you were being paid to. You’re the reason I still have Cheerleader on my phone, it reminds me of you. I remember learning the lyrics involuntarily because it was your favourite at the time. You even knew the choreography in the video. Your love for Little Mix made me think of her love for Spice Girls. You were both girly, making sure you had only the prettiest things around you. Maybe it was a way to mirror the beauty of your souls, I don’t know. I’m sure though, that it was a way to have you etched in the hearts of those that knew you. No one forgets beauty and you had it in its purest form; LOVE. I know you’re getting and giving it in abundance, as you dance in heaven with the Angels. It’s been a year since the Lord called you, six in her case, but what comforts me the most is you are both in a place that mirrors your charm. One day, we’ll meet again but for now, I hold you close to my heart like the little girl that went before you πŸ’•β€οΈ.

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