66 Days of Journaling

It takes 66 days to completely break a habit. Yes, 66! I discovered that just a few days ago and I’ve decided to try it out. What habit am I breaking? My life! I know, I see the questions coming at me. Let me explain…

Yesterday, I cried.

No, I wasn’t hurt by anyone, I didn’t knock my small right toe against a table leg and neither was I pinched. I cried because I’m tired. Tired of throwing Β a my CV out in the Β a job searching pool. Tired of calling companies to ask if they need new staff. Tired of rejection emails. And finally tired of feeling like shit every time I look through my inbox and I find nothing but tumbleweed in it. 5 months of the same crap has made me regret leaving my last job. A job I walked out of because I was unhappy. When you regret a great decision you made for yourself, you know it’s time to shake yourself up.

So yeah, I cried, for a good hour. Felt worse after but the tears cleared up one thing for me, I am stuck in a rut. My life has become a habit and if I am to move forward, I have to break it. The 66 days makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

The journey begins with getting out of my comfort zone;

  • Waking up early whether I’m going to work or staying at home
  • Doing more exercise (summer is here🀣)
  • Writing more, everyday to be exact. I love it so why not? I’ll actually post something here everyday. Don’t care whether it’s trash or not.
  • Going out more (because I’m such a recluse) I actually pay and RSVP to events but stay home when they come up πŸ™ˆ
  • Taking my sewing machine out of storage. I’ve been meaning to for 3 months now.

Today breaking the habit begins. 66 Days of Change 😊

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