Day 4: Not A Child Anymore

No one will take care of you if you don’t do it yourself.

I know that, you should know it too. It’s a fact! After being taken care of by my parents for a whole 23 years of my life, it’s a fact I learnt the hard way. Going to the doctor alone and having to tell whatever is wrong with me without my mum by my side or having her call in first was one of the hardest. Yes, she was there for my trips to the doctor till I was 23, don’t laugh, I hate hospitals and clinics. But I’ve learnt, and I’m good at it now. 

Yesterday I had to call HMRC because I was being taxed too much. After the call, it hit me. No one cares about you if you don’t speak up. I’m sure if I hadn’t called I would have continued through the year without a clue. No wonder the extroverts of the world always get what they want. They know the key. Always say something, speak your peace and you will get ahead. I’m just learning to do that. It’s a process. Caring about “what they will think of me” has become the least of my worries. I call to ask, complain, make noise if I have to since some people pretend not to get your point even when you’re speaking the same language. Move wrong to me, I shout you out. The pinnacle for me though, will be when I send back a shitty meal or coffee in a restaurant (GOALS πŸ™ŒπŸΎ) We still say that?

Anyway, I see the world differently now. I know why activists exist. I know why they call out everything they don’t agree with. I know they don’t have to (insert eye roll GiF) but we all know that you let something slip once, the perpetrator will take advantage of the situation (side eye the Tories). You can’t let anyone stomp on you and your space. You have to draw the line, let them know that “thou shalt not cross.” 

You’re not a child anymore!” my mother said to me 2 years ago. I’m grown now, I think

Take Care πŸ€—

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