Day 8: Love

Ever imagined what your perfect love would be like? Coming straight out of a story book? From the day you meet. The conversations you have. The adventures you go on together. The music you listen to and the hobbies you start to enjoy in eachother’s company. Sounds amazing when you daydream. It can never go wrong. Even your first fight ends perfectly…

But what happens when the way it comes to you isn’t how you imagined it. In my case it is definitely his hands running through my hair, the kinks won’t allow it. Hell, I wouldn’t either! I’m one of those “Don’t touch my hair unless you’re helping me make it perfect” types. What do you do though if your story starts in a you being just friends and he’s in love with your best friend kind of situation? Your heart doesn’t let go of the what if he was yours until he becomes yours. What happens if you start out as a one night stand and you eventually fall in love? What if you are just linking first then you start seeing things differently whenever you spend time together or you talk? Not every story goes the perfect way we wish it would but sometimes it ends perfectly. We all hope it does because no one wants a failed love story. It’s a fear we all have to deal with…

But you don’t have to worry yourself. There’s a perfect story out there for everyone. Diamonds are found in mud afterall. 


We sat on a bench in the park. It was an evening in the spring. We watched the sun slowly set, it’s orange glow clashing with the darker blue that was slowly setting in. It looked like an outfit to be honest, one a stylish girl would wear in the summer.

We had been silent for a while now. Letting our thoughts speak. He turned and looked at me. He smiled. I wasn’t looking directly at him but I could still see it. It was gentle, made me calm. It was home.

He was my home.

He lifted his hand to my head. I knew what he wanted to do. He’d done it every time since we met. Only this time it would be hard for him. I’d taken down my braids the day before. I was sporting my kinks in an afro. I didn’t stop him but he knew it would be messy. He laughed at himself and let his hand fall to my shoulder.

I loved that he was thoughtful. That he didn’t force something to happen because he wanted it to. I loved that he respected me and my hair. I loved that he understood.

Our story wasn’t perfect but it worked ❀️

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