Day 11: A Good Feeling

She woke up feeling radiant. Ready to start the day on a high. Danced as she had her morning bath. She had to wash last night off. Not that it had been bad. She just had to be fresh for the day. It was going to be a good one. The feeling was there. A fire was burning within her. She felt it as she sang along to Kuliko Jana by Sauti Sol. She didn’t really get the words but it’s a song that warmed her heart. She had been hoping for the best, it was here. Was today the day?! It certainly felt like it. 

“Yo babes, the train is here!”

The dream was cut short. It was time for her to go to work. She turned to the person the voice belonged to, her ride or die. 

“You cut my dream short!”

“Time for you to return to the world anyway of the living anyway” *she accompanied this with an eyeroll*

They’d been friends for 5 years. This was a usual thing. 

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