Day 12: I’m Happy

Take a seat, I have a story for you.

Today at work I was having general conversation with my colleagues. First time I’ve met them so of course it cannot be more specific than you want to. You learn to ask the right questions though because you’re a team for those 8 hours. In a confined space, the conversation has got to flow or you risk having a day full of yawns.

Anyway, the story. So I was chatting away, talking about this and that. It dawned on me, I’ve been a happy child lately. No complaints, complications, just contentment. Even my health is at πŸ’―. Of course the work I’m putting in isn’t going unnoticed but it all seems effortless. Even (nga sili mumbeera*) I’m still radiant with energy. Smiling and laughing with people I hardly know. It’s amazing, and I love it. Today I saw it. I kept my smile through the sleepiness I was fighting. 

I hope it stays like this for as long as possible 😊

* Luganda phrase meaning “not in the best mood”

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