Day 13: Request to Cancel

Thought maybe I should skip this one. A number of reasons made me want to cancel today and the week too maybe;

  1. Electronic money giant PayPal fucked me up! See I love using it and anyone that does as much online shopping as I do will tell you how efficient it is. All the steps where you type in your details are cut to one, log into your account and click pay. Only downside is, when it comes to paying money into your account, it takes a whole damn week to appear! The fuck?! I know! So I did loads of online shopping last week and thought maybe I should send the money to my PayPal so that it doesn’t dip into my bank account. WRONG MOVE! PayPal has taken a week to process the money. It’s off my account, it’s on PayPal, but it’s pending! Yes, you heard right, for a whole week at that πŸ™„ I was trying to be efficient and it was thrown back in my face. I’ve had to put several of my plans on hold, it displeases me.
  2. The cold! Why the hell is it back?! In May of all months. I should be seeing the sun and feeling it on my skin all day. Not extra hot, but warm enough for me to put my winter coats and scarves away. Now instead of taking them to storage, they’re back in rotation. My body wasn’t ready for this. Sun my love, come soon, I need you 😘
  3. Β I have been blueticked so much this week. I know! I can’t believe it either! I’m a delight, I reply messages as fast as I can and I always have something fun to share. I heard WhatsApp was down though, that’s comforting. Was starting to believe less in my sauce. My mum was one of the culprits but I’m Christian, I forgive.
  4. I’m failing to come to terms with the fact that my first cushion has moved back home 😭 My brother left on Saturday morning and I feel the void. I can’t just call on someone to rescue me without a long explanation. I’m putting more effort into making new friends though and it’s working.
  5. Low-key fighting a cold but it won’t win. That is explained by the weather change.

Glad Friday has shown it’s face. The weekend is full of things for me to do, I’ll be alright I guess. We should still cancel the week apart from Stormzy’s concert of course. It was on πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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