Day 16: Passing Thoughts

Today on my way home from work, after I checked Google maps for the shortest route home, a few thoughts jumped into my head.

I should stop slacking and get my driver’s licence!ย It would surely be nice if I could take one route home instead of changing buses and trains twice or thrice from work when I am as tired as I’ve been this weekend. Brilliant thought, right?


The thought above only made sense till I dozed off a few seconds after. When I came back to earth, it hit me, sleeping behind the wheel is a thing, and it’s dangerous. I’ve heard stories from so many people who have dozed off as they drove and woke up thanking God they did not crash.

That realisation made my thought change to how nice it is to have someone pick you up from work. You get to sleep all the way home and not worry about missing your stop. I remember the way my mum was picked up by my dad from work and all she did was push the seat down and sleep all the way home.

I want that!

As I got closer to home, after I changed onto the last bus, all I could think of was drawing myself a bath. Soaking my fatigued self and going to bed squeaky clean after. I thought of how much more energy it would take me to do it myself. I then started longing for someone I can call to get the bath ready for me, just the way I like it. Just so when I get home I relax and feel the tension disappear into the water.

I dozed off again!

My little blissful dream was suddenly stopped when I heard my bus stop announced. I jumped up and returned to my reality. Got myself ready to face the short chilly walk to the house. All I could think of, it must be nice!

Finally in my bed, singing Lyfe Jennings’ Must Be Nice as my lullaby. Time for me to dream again.

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