Day 19: Empty

I’ve come along so many exciting things today that my mind is empty. Here’s a little poem to keep you busy:

I’m not a person that talks much

I’m not an orator either,

I’m not quiet though,

I’m just reserved.

Not that I’m scared or anything,

I just love observing more

Because I get the story you don’t want to tell

See in observation, you see more than you hear

People say more in the way they move

They’re more honest in their movements

When they talk, they filter what they say

But you see the body,

The body doesn’t lie

It says it all without being prompted

So when you see me quietly watching 

Don’t think I’m being shy

I’m just doing what I do best

Watching you 😊

And, that’s my shitty poem for today. Been a while since I wrote one. I should write more of them. Nope, I love prose more 😊

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