The Fight


“Babe, BABE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He asked as he watched her undo her heels.

“I’m coming to help! I’m jumping in!” she screamed.

“I don’t need your help! Get back in the car right now!” How did we get here? He thoughtโ€‹.

The night had started well. He’d dressed up, gone to pick his girl and her friends. Of course he had had to wait an extra hour for them to get ready. It’s the least he could do. He wasn’t fond of these nights but he couldn’t complain. He loved his girl. He did a few of these for her. It was always better than being woken up in the middle of the night to open the door or pick her up. They also got to spend more time together this way anyway. I mean, with the London work-home life, life could become a boring routine. Theirs wasn’t an exception to the rule.


“WHY?” she said with a defiance in her voice, one that he knew too well. One that said you’re wasting your time, I’m doing it anyway!


She didn’t get it! All he needed was for her to be safe. Knowing her though, she wouldn’t back down. It’s a trait that he loved and hated in her. When it came to the projects she decided to take on with her business, she went in the same way she was now. Only that now wasn’t the time to be headstrong.


Something hard hit his face just as he turned back to face his opponents. A crowd had formed by now. It wasn’t a pretty sight anymore. More people watching meant it would take longer to get out of the fight. He tried to swing back but his head was still reeling from the surprise punch. He knew he was no Anthony Joshua but he had to hold up the fight. At least until someone, who should have been his girlfriend, called for help.

He sneaked a look in her direction. He couldn’t believe what he saw. She was in what looked like a yoga pose, but it was probably Tai Chi. She had taken some classes a few years before they met. The guys she was prepared to fight were looking at her with comical expressions on their faces. Nathan couldn’t help but collapse in a heap with laughter. Her pose was like that of the Preying Mantis in A Bug’s Life. The “come fight me” look didn’t help the situation either. Everyone else started laughing and forgot about the fight.

Charlene smiled, she couldn’t help it. In her own dumb way, she had managed to end it. She, who everyone was sure, would be hurt. She longed to see Nathan’s face. The cut on it though would make the light moment disappear fast. She knew it could have gone left very fast. She should have listened, called for help, instead of trying to jump in.

“So, you happy now?” he asked as she placed the ice cubes on his face. He hadn’t said a word to her the whole way home. She didn’t push for it either. She knew she’d fucked up, he needed to calm down.

“Yeah, I’m glad we’re okay,” she said quietly.

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