Day 21: Facts About Me

Here’s a few facts about me:

  • I have 5 names, my parents were excited when it came to naming me, so they gave me a whole 5. All of them after great women in their lives. My grandmas, my dad’s aunt and my dad’s grandma. It makes me feel special.
  • I’m 5’8. My family claims I’m tall but I feel nicely average. They’re the short ones πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ I like it though, especially when I’m wearing my hair out. The afro! With the heels on and I’m towering over everyone. It gives me joy 😊
  • I love ice cream and in the cones, not the tubs. The crunchy mix with the soft fluffy goodness is like heaven. It’s the reason I like Phish Food by Ben and Jerry’s

    See those little chocolate fish, they’re an amazing mix with the cream.

    • Getting to know people is sincerely one of my best pass times. Everyone has a story to tell and in a different way. Even when it’s the same facts, it will sound different. I love the colour people bring to life. Although they TRY me sometimes.
    • I also like understanding people’s point of views. Before I judge you, I want to get you. Judging you will then be more peaceful. I judge people, but don’t we all?
    • I love my people, everyone does, don’t they? But I really do love them. They light me up and I can do anything for them. Not going to jail though, that’s where we draw the line.
    • I watch sitcoms A LOT! Just to avoid depth. I get too deep into the other series and catch feelings too. I’ve cried when characters I loved died or were sick, or captured and its put me off the story. The pain is real I tell you, IT’S REAL!
    • I am a book hoarder! Yes, join me in my abyss. I buy books and keep them. For some I read the first pages and I lose it. I write them off. Could pick them up one day. It’s why I have a Kindle, the space for physical ones has run out!

    I should stop there for now 😊 I’ll reveal other facts as I go on.

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