No day this time because I’m writing this on Monday anyway. I was exhausted both days of the weekend, all I could think of was my bed.

Saturday was both tough and fulfilling at the same time. I woke up late yet I had an interview. I managed to get there though, ace it, and begin the rest of my day. It was long emotionally.

I decided to have an early lunch during which I always get something to read. I like to do some light reading when I’m doing things like eating. I started reading a hash tag that was trending on South African Twitter, #girlchildtellyourstory encouraging girls and women to tell their stories of when men abused them or tried to at any point in their lives. The hash tag was prompted after the death of a young lady at the hands of her boyfriend. These stories were heartbreaking. The one thing that struck me hard though, was the fact that these were not new to my ears. The fact that these were the same things my mother warned me about every time I left the house. That my friends and I at university always had to know where we were within the club whenever we went out. And guys still did not get it when we asked our friends who they were with. Some would say, “She’s grown, she can think for herself, you don’t need to watch her all the time!” It was annoying that they didn’t understand! They did not get the levels of worry we dealt with even when we were having the time of our lives.

What disturbs me most though, is the fact that men all come up like they studied Apologism to PhD level. Going on rants about how they’re all not the same. Look, we know you aren’t, but you uphold and take advantage of a culture that harms women every day. Your mother’s, daughters, aunts and sisters are exposed to this life. As women, we are forced to worry about things that shouldn’t stress us. Always on guard when walking alone down a street. I want to walk at night, see two men walking towards me and not get paranoid. Tired of running home like I did on Saturday night. I’m not here to bash men though, I have friends and most of my relatives are male anyway and I love them. I also cannot imagine them being or doing half the things I read. That doesn’t stop me from saying what I have to say though.

Men DO BETTER! It works for everyone in the long run 😊

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