23: My Mum

Sunday was her birthday, the 3rd one I haven’t been home for. I’m not a bad child, I’m just thousands of miles away and too broke to book a flight to see her on her birthday.

I love her!

She’s​ an amazing person, she’s not paying me, she really is. She’s my rock and one of my favourite people. I can talk to her about anything. She hasn’t bumped my girls yet, but she’s up there at the top of the “list of people I trust.” 

Of course this relationship did not just start out of the blue! It grew like many of the relationships we have with other people. It started when I was 15. Before that she was just my mum. But when I was 15, I remember I was at school and the teacher called her to tell her about how mischievous I was being. This wasn’t a new occurrence, she’d been called for as far as I can remember. It was different this time though. The story she was to hear was out of this world. Apparently the couch potato she knew so well, was always up and about in the city causing havoc with her friends. Bear in mind that at this time, it was a hustle getting me out of bed when I was home for the holidays. Everyone at home knew it. My parents were my only source of income. Money that I used to buy novels. It didn’t make sense. Especially when I almost never asked them for money to go anywhere and I was home whenever they came back from work. She listened to all that was being said, and after my teacher was done, she told her that it definitely wasn’t me and left school. That’s the day I discovered that my mum knew me well. Well enough to be one of my ride or dies.

We’ve been through ups and downs since then. Celebrations and arguments, laughter and tears, everything! She was there to hold me when I went through my first break up. I remember her words clearly, “there will be many more friends like him.” Sounded harsh, but it gave me the harsh reality. I miss the hugs that followed though. The hugs! I cried last year because I wanted a hug from her but there was no way to get it.

I miss my mummy! I need to go home soon and see her. Probably spend a week with her, I need more than that but I will work with what I have πŸ€—

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