Day 24: Why I moved to London

A few days ago I was asked why I moved to London. At that time, all I could say was because I wanted to. After the conversation ended though, I thought to myself, why did I come here? It wasn’t for change really, but I always wanted to leave home. Experience living somewhere else, and London was the safest bet. There’s family here. The opportunity presented itself, I took it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Uganda. The 365 days sun, the smell of rain on the dirt, the fresh air, the food and most of all, the people. It’s amazing. My heart has just always yearned to live in a big city. Trust me, if I hadn’t moved here, I would probably be planning my move to The Big Apple.

So why did I move? I wanted new experiences. My world back home was slowly becoming too small. The more people I knew, the smaller it felt. I needed a place where I would discover something new everyday. It’s coming to 3 years since I came here but I can guarantee you that I still get lost on these streets. I still find new restaurants. It’s a big place. I’m sure only cab drivers know the whole of it (their brains must be big). I have a bunch of firsts to have. Just last Saturday I had my first time on the Hammersmith and City Line. Not so big, but still a first. I counted it. That is what excites me most. The new. I get to feed my eyes and my mind. There’s nothing better. It makes me feel young again.

Forgive me, I’m sleepy. It’s past my bedtime. I will continue this another day. I cannot lie though, moving is a decision I am glad I made. I will talk about it more extensively one day. Allow me to retire 😊

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