Day 25: Insomnia

It’s raining! I can hear it outside my window, washing away the day that just ended, noisily bringing in the new one. I don’t want the night to go but minutes are rushing past. So fast you could think they’re springboks running from the dangerous claws of the cheetah. It’s amazing! Every minute you don’t get back. 27, 28, 29… 30 minutes past now. I’m still not asleep. I can hear everything! Lying in my bed, eyes closed ears open… I’m thinking! A lot is going on, so many hopes for the hours coming up. Somehow waiting on them to be fulfilled, not crashed, fulfilled. Positivity is needed here. What’s wrong with having no hope? Can’t I just skate by and not think? Can I just empty my mind and chill? I cannot chill though, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. I need my wits with me. I need a sleeping pill, better still a coffee on my way to work. Will I have the time? Do I have to leave earlier? *sigh* I’m tapped out 😴

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