It’s becoming harder for me to write posts on Sunday. I’m usually knackered! The week comes crashing down on me with a vengeance. With that view then, coupled with the fact that Monday comes with more new things, Sunday is my last day of the week not the first.

So post number 30! It’s exciting! I am proud of myself. I’m almost never this committed to things. I lose interest quickly. Not because I lack discipline but I’m going through a stage of confusion. Rediscovering my interests and myself.

What my mind looks like most of the time

I’m confused, I’m growing,

Growth doesn’t stop,

It’s an everyday thing

When you reach your plateau

You think you’re set

But life always has something different for you

A new curve

If it doesn’t show it to you

You look for it.

It’s human to

We cannot complain.

I’m confused, I’m growing.

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