1 less than the number of letters in my name

The last day of some months,

A number I don’t really care for, but here we are

It’s 31!

What’s our deal with numbers though? What’s so special about quantifying everything? I believe it was started by the early capitalist. His goal was to quantify everything everyone owned and pit them against each other. “Let’s create inequality so that we can control them easier.” Of course it wasn’t yet called capitalism but it was on the way. The numbers were used to create a minority and depending on who controlled what, this group either stood to lose or gain everything. It’s been there for a long time since the feudal system. Now we are in a liberal and free society, or so it seems. The numbers still control our lives. We see wealth and lacking in numbers. We compare ourselves and our value using numbers. We prove our stories and theories using numbers. But, let’s think about it, what was life before numbers? Or before we figured them out? I’m just thinking, wouldn’t it be a better one?

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