Day 34: Give Me Love!

It’s been a while since I gave my heart wholly to someone. Long enough for me to comfortably say I’m okay with being alone (trust me, it is the hardest thing I’ve had to come to terms with!) Just adding to my list of friends and celebrating the love I have already. 

Being a human that is part of a society though, friends and family love is never just enough. I, like others around me, wish for that intimate connection you make with that one person or several depending on where you are in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for cheating. I’m just saying that maybe, you can have different soulmates at different times. Each one brings a new face to you. A new side you didn’t know you had. The one you stay with the longest of course, is the one that decides to grow with you. Not many can follow through with that all your life. Let’s say about 30 or so years of your life. Depending on your lifespan.

Give me love! Ed Sheeran requested. A plea I understand so well. Something I crave when I sleep without a goodnight call or wake up in the morning and I find no texts from the one I slept thinking of. And to think that is just scratching the surface. 

I hardly dig deeper. I know it’s a lion’s den of some sort. One I have to face. The only one I want to strengthen my procrastination for. I’m contented with where I am because I am hiding from what I know can break me but make me stronger in the process. I’ve come a long way. I have a journey twice as long to make. Its added to with every step I take.

Give me love! This time, I will take it. I will not play with it. I will keep your heart safe if you promise to keep mine as well. Show me that I can trust you to keep it. I know myself, I am ready to do the same.

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