35: Teams

So the Chelsea Flower show ended on Saturday and now I do know what sportsmen feel like when they’re a part of a team. I liked the team I worked with for the week. They made the days feel much shorter. 

Apart from the fatigue, it was a nice time. I think I struck gold! See when you work with an agency, you never know who you’re going to end up working with. Sometimes you end up with good colleagues and managers, others you end up with dickheads. 

Who you work with, be it for 5hrs or a whole week usually determines your feel for the place. I’ve worked at places where I couldn’t stand the managers within an hour of working with them and I vowed never to go back again. Then there are ones where I’ve worked and I specifically ask to be sent there again. 

With agency it’s always a hit and a miss. A gamble with life and experiences. It’s always worth writing home about though. I cannot take that part away from it. 

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