Looking for Peace

I find peace when my eyes are closed. Sometimes I’m sleeping, sometimes I’m just paying attention to what’s around me especially without my glasses (light sensitivity and focusing is a problem) Recently though, I’ve been constantly closing them a lot, almost every chance I get to be exact. I’m working on a sleep and energy deficit. I need the sun and I am in a vitamin supplement hiatus while I research the one that will work for me best. Without sugar coating the situation, I’m exhausted and constantly irritable. So much that I’ve been filtering all my interactions with the world and what my mind consumes. Changes are happening in my life (don’t get me wrong, I’m glad) but I cannot be bothered by much to be honest. I’ve known where I am but it took me a conversation last week to realise this fully. I hardly remember what we were talking about but I remember myself zoning out and replying with short intervals of “hmm” the same way my mum ‘showed’ us she was listening after a long day at work.

…and now I’m out again. Just looking for my peace… I need the sun though!

Eyes closed for a reason

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