Podcasts & The Freedom of Speech As We Know It

This thread should have been a blog post but I only realised it after I was drifting away in sleep. Let’s leave my life story for now and get to why we are here. Podcasts! 

This is just the first page of my podcast app

A form of entertainment that has been around for a while, I remember The Ricky Gervais Show times, but one that has grown massively in the last 2 years, at least in the UK. Rising out of the need for a relatable voice and unfiltered views, you’d expect that to happen by default.  Especially after seeing how much the mainstream media is focused on agenda. We are in an age where our eyes are open (or should be) and we know our opinions matter more than those of the ones “allowed” to speak. So when I see people complain about how the podcasts are all talking about the same topics, I say a precise “so what” to myself. It honestly doesn’t matter and here’s why.

Mainstream media has talked about the same damn topic (terrorism) for over 16 years now and none of you are complaining. All they do is change how they package it to you but because it’s “established” media, you go with a “that’s the way they are” shrug. I’m not stopping you. Podcasts on the other hand are controlled only by the people that start them. In most cases these are people that feel they have something to say and your mainstream friends will not let them say it. The topics are focused on the buzz issues that we are talking about in both our online and real life circles so of course they will be the same. So instead of focusing on the similar aspects, why not look at how these hosts and their guests think? Look further than just listening for the sake of having something to tweet about and actually pay attention to the delivery. 

New grounds are being broken in the world of media, we should embrace that. Many of these podcasts are in their first and second years of existence. Depending on their consistency, they are still learning either about themselves or how to navigate the world of information and being a platform. Not everyone is media trained. It takes time for a creative to find what makes them who they are when they have no clear blueprint. Definitely not like being a lawyer or doctor where you follow your steps to getting there and you’re good. So when they dabble in the same topics, let them say whatever is on their chest. This is their platform and freedom of speech is extremely difficult to attain these days.

Speaking of which, isn’t it refeshing to listen to raw opinions, having people being read for their filth in various ways? I can tell you for a fact that the way Tolly of The Receipts Podcast will say let people be will be different from the way Skribz of DMD Podcast will say it. Also the way Kelechi says suck your mum in Say Your Mind will differ from when Keith says suck your dad in 3 Shots of Tequila. The sentiment behind it is the same and they’re both handing you straws but I guarantee you it will give you the spice we desperately need in this world of flat tasting views.

It’s already hard to be heard without  being crucified or policed so I’m asking, can we let the podcasts be? You can always skip to the next topic or forego the episode by reading the notes if you’ve had enough of it instead of trying to control their content. It is fair for their growth in the long run and the eventual return of freedom of speech as we once thought of it.